Operational Support Services

We provide results driven Operational Support to your system and ensure your team’s success.

Live, Virtual and Constructive Training

Vectrona brings vast experience in design, development, and execution of training and exercises for every level of operator across broad range of capabilities in live, virtual and construction environments.  We align training and exercise objectives and events directly aligned with the needs of all stakeholders from the individual combatant to collective unit tactical scenarios and certification of operational level staff.

Intelligence Operations

Our extensive background in intelligence operations provides access to senior and seasoned intelligence professionals, knowledge and expertise in best practices in collection and fusion of intelligence, and a grounded perspective on effective integration into the full spectrum of military activities.  We have built intelligence programs, trained intelligence professionals, and integrated available resources to optimize collection ability for national priorities and regional security.

Requirements Development

Effectively executed operations begin with well-established and measurable objectives or end states.  Knowing where you’re going and hot to determine when you’ve arrived are keys to success.  Vectrona elicits required measurable performance benchmarks from key stakeholders to describe process, product or system output and enables us to define the most effective path forward.

Emergency Management

No other small business in Southeastern Virginia has the access, experience, and structure to provide full spectrum, emergency management services across organizational equities.  Vectrona’s extensive bench of military, law enforcement, medical and technical specialists bring capabilities that far exceed their individual capacity when integrated across all required disciplines of emergency services, continuity of operations, and disaster response.