The Vectrona Systems Approach

The VECTOR Process transforms needs and vision into a high-performing process, product, or capability.

Our systems view of problem solving enables the customer to leverage embedded processes of continuous improvement that consider the entirety of an organization’s directed mission, their anticipated environment, and available resources.

Systems Approach

A human system is a group of parts, processes and people that interact to perform a function. Poorly aligned systems deliver suboptimal results.

Our approach works by creating system alignment from vision and strategy through tasks within the framework of available resources. We work collaboratively to develop measurable solutions that benefit all stakeholders, and deliver the highest Readiness or Return on Investment (ROI).

The VECTOR Process begins with Vision and needs analysis to fully understand the problem, validate objectives and confirm desired outcomes. We then take a deep dive to Explore existing processes, identify capability gaps and inefficiencies enabling us to develop, test and validate Concept and solution development. Training needs are identified to support solution implementation and full system operation.  Metrics established during system deep-dive are used to Observe and measure performance and ensure quality. Finally, we Review results to identify new ways to, adapt, improve and optimize system performance.